Hi there. My name is Natalie! I am just going to throw this out there now.. I am not a professional writer nor am I a professional blogger. I created this blog to share my experiences as a travel therapist. The name of the blog became what it is today because, at this point in my life, that is what I am focusing on.

Travel: moving around every few months and seeing new places while experiencing all that this world has to offer

Therapy: I am a speech pathologist and want to document about my experiences in the field and/or be a helpful resource for others

Love: sharing about the people I meet on this crazy journey and focusing on showing love in a time of so much hardship

As the picture says, my stomping grounds are in good ol’ Minnesota! Fun fact for all of you: It is technically the Land of 11,842 lakes. You are welcome to use that fact with your friends or during a trivia night! That picture also includes my parents. Other family members that are not pictured: my brother, dog, and cat. Don’t worry. You will be seeing them later on! My cat is going to be traveling with me, so you will get a lot of her.

I am an extremely type A person and would love to have a structure to this blog. However, as a new graduate who is moving across the country, I have come to terms that is a little far fetched! I have so many ideas and I want to share everything about my experiences. I also realized recently that life is hectic and crazy. Random events happen and random people enter your life when you least expect it. Here is where I am going to be doing my best to document the random in my life to maybe help with the random in yours, or you will be entertained by the random in mine. Either way, please enjoy! 🙂